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20 things every woman needs in her home before she turns 32

At least a pretty vase can always use woman.
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Living must-haves for every woman

Of course, everyone is allowed to furnish their apartment according to their personal style. But these things really need every woman in her apartment before she celebrates her 32nd birthday.

The older we become women, the more we feel the need to set ourselves up the way we want. In the twenties, many more are on the go, changing the shared flats and the cities. But at some point we would like to finally arrive and create a home that meets our expectations. We can not do without these 20 things.

Number 1: The matching glasses

It just comes the time, because we do not want to drink champagne and wine from water glasses, which may all have different patterns. Once we are completely honest, it will eventually be no longer cool to drink the glass of white wine after work from a Diddl memory glass. Matching wine and champagne glass sets just make more and are definitely worth investing in the light of girls' dinners and dinner parties.

Number 2: A small toolbox

Hammer, screwdriver, Allen wrench, pliers: These things should at least have women at home. Add some dowels and nails and you do not have to run into the hardware store for every last detail or ask a friend for help. Small jobs are no problem even for DIY beginners. And if it does not work out how it should be: There is certainly one or the other appropriate YouTube tutorial or a nice buddy who likes to help ...

Number 3: vacuum cleaner

Yes, of course, it is not really fun to invest your money in a good vacuum cleaner, if you could buy the same amount of this great pair of shoes that you can not drive away from his thoughts for weeks. But you will not regret investing in a good device. First of all, a quality product will last longer and it will save you time. After all, nothing is more annoying than having to suck one and the same place over and over again because your vacuum cleaner simply does not have enough steam under the hood.

Number 4: A dishwasher

It was very nice to wash the dishes with his roommate at that time, but hand on heart: How often have you come home and would like to burst into tears in the face of a huge harness mountain? Exactly. That's why a dishwasher is definitely one of the things that Ms. definitely should afford.

Number 5: A set of sharp knives

No one wants to torture themselves while cooking with blunt knives. A few good and sharp knives make our everyday life easier and arranged in a classic knife block also in terms of style so much ago.

Number 6: A fire extinguisher for emergencies

Not that we want to paint the devil in the world. But as a woman of the world you should be prepared for any emergency. Important: Read the operating instructions from time to time to be able to react quickly in case of emergency.

Number 7: Lots of plants

Plants are ideal for indoor climate and can be in the gray everyday life beautiful vibrant splashes of color. For those who do not have a green thumb, plants such as the elephant's foot, the ivy, the gum and the green lily are easy to care for and quite resistant. They also hold out when casting should be forgotten.

Number 8: A comfortable mattress

There may have been times when we could sleep anywhere and on any surface. Now the result of sleep experiments is usually back pain. Treat yourself to a good mattress and do not settle for spiky feathers or the wrong hardness. We are better people when we sleep well.

Number 9: A food processor

It is this one kitchen utensil every woman dreams of cooking. And that's exactly why you should treat yourself.

Number 10: Pretty towels

Colorful towel collections are passé. We want everything to fit together. Whether guest towel, bath towel or washcloth. The best thing is that it does not even have to cost a lot of money, but it makes our flat look much older.

Number 11: A piece of furniture with history

On Grandma's loft or at the flea market hide many items that have their own story and breathe a little nostalgia your home.

Number 12: A flashlight

So you are prepared for the next power failure (at some point he will be determined) and find everything in the darkest corners of your home again.

Number 13: Beautiful vases

You need them for all the flowers that your admirers want to give you - or for the pretty flowers from the market, which you simply treat yourself.

Number 14: A complete set of dishes

Blümchen on one plate, blue dots on the other - that was with 22 still totally okay when we shared an apartment with three flatmates. Everyone has contributed their part to the furnishing (and the crockery) of the apartment. But at the latest, if we exceed the magic 30, it would be nice to have a complete set of dishes for the occasion.

Number 15: The matching napkins

Kitchen roll is there to remove stains, but only napkins are on the dining table. Nice that there are so many different versions that you can serve on occasions such as Easter, birthdays and Christmas.

Number 16: A sewing set

There should be at least anything in the house that you need to sew a button on or a small hole.

Number 17: Fluffy bath mats

No, nobody has to step out of the shower directly onto the cold tiles in the morning. To avoid that, there are nice fluffy bath mats. Of course, they can of course match the already mentioned towel set.

Number 18: photos of our loved ones

Where should we surround ourselves with all our dearest family members and friends, if not in our own apartment?

Number 19: hangers that fit together

Some are a souvenir from the last shopping spree, the others were cheap to buy in a set of 5. In the past, we did not care if our clothes hangers fit together in terms of material and color, but now we are happy to make a bit higher demands.

Number 20: Completion of a household insurance

Although it is not a piece of furniture, it is nevertheless one of the 20 things that every woman should be able to afford even before she turns 32. Over the years, possessions that are worth insuring accumulate. In addition, you simply leave the house with a clear conscience, knowing that most of the damage that could occur in your own absence, are covered by the cost.