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Yvonne Willicks: You can do without these cleaning agents!

Many cleaning agents are superfluous
Photo: WDR

Less is more

Clean, clean! The Germans spend around 853 million euros a year on cleaning products; on average, each has 15 different cleaning products at home. But do you really need so many?

Yvonne Willicks, Germany's most well-known homemaker, has selected five products for the entire household for TELEVISION WEEK. "Everyone else can confidently save, " advises the expert, who regularly moderates the household check at WDR and gives us many practical tips.

dish soap

Dishwashing liquid is ideal against dirt not only when washing dishes. All smooth surfaces shine in new splendor. With exposure time even a soiled oven can be cleaned. To clean the windows, add a dash of spirit to the lye.

All Purpose cleaner

Whether with greasy soiling, protein-containing stains or even mold: floors are cleaned with all-purpose cleaners. Also parquet and laminate can be cleaned with it.

Bathroom Cleaners

For limescale in the bathroom or kitchen you need acid. But that is also included in every simple bathroom cleaner. For longer soiling, leave the product to work for a little longer, then the deposits will dissolve more easily.


Dried or even baked encrustations are particularly stubborn. However, they can also be removed by small abrasive particles in the scouring milk. Please note: Do not use on ceramic hobs! Better to use a special scraper here.

washing soda

If nothing else helps, wash soda is used. With this secret weapon even clogged drainage pipes can be freed from hair follicles and coverings. It also works effectively against bacteria, mold and odors. The soda powder must be diluted. Pay attention to the packaging label.

Disinfectant? Hot water helps too.

Disinfectant cleaners are not only expensive but also superfluous: they pollute the environment and can even trigger allergies. Instead of such chemical nuggets, it is advisable to simply use hot water for cleaning and to wash the rag daily. Even so, germs are safely killed.

Less is more and thanks to Yvonne Willicks, we have not only saved money on various cleaning agents, but also saved a lot of space in the cleaning cabinet and the environment.