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Which job fits me? Help with the career choice

Who has the (professional) choice is in agony
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  1. "Our child does not know what to do for a living, how can I help?"
  2. Get out of the nest
  3. Just stay cool
  4. The offer is great
  5. Start instead of wait
  6. Let the professionals run

"Our child does not know what to do for a living, how can I help?"

"Which job fits me?" Who has the choice of career, has the agony! This is how you can best help your child with the difficult decision!

It is a crucial point in life: School time is coming to an end and career choice is on. Is your child also at this point and asks herself "Which profession suits me?" So you can help him with the difficult decision:

Get out of the nest

Experiences abroad characterize the personality and make a good CV. Your child can also work outside of Germany, eg. Eg with a "Work & Travel" visa. There is also the possibility to work as au pair or to do a voluntary social year in another country. Information is available z. B. under:

Just stay cool

The end of school time is exhausting, and many children then slip into a motivation low . It takes time to arrive mentally in "real life" and to orientate oneself. A certain phase of planlessness is therefore perfectly fine.

The offer is great

Suggest that your child explore as many areas as possible . In the form of an internship. In this way, he not only gets to know different professions, but also people who can report on their own experiences and help them with their career choices.

Start instead of wait

Mistakes are better than no decisions. Take away your child's fear of "wrong career choices". Before he waits for years for the supposed dream job, he should try it with less attractive offers and possibly change his decision again later. Many activities turn out to be interesting only at second glance.

Let the professionals run

Professional career counselors could give your child new food for thought in finding the right job. Information on this is provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on the website . The training advisers of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry agree on free dates.

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