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Helene Fischer on tour: moments of happiness

Helene Fischer is overjoyed. Finally she is allowed to stand on stage again.
Photo: Imago / plusphoto

Concert in Mannheim

The lights go out, the headlights flare up. 10, 000 spectators in the sold-out hall in Mannheim holds nothing in their seats. There she is: Helene Fischer (28). And she gives her fans everything she can give.

The singer had to cancel four concerts before the Mannheim show. Because of a flu! But in time for the farewell concert of her "For a Day" tour Helene was back on stage and delivered a wonderful show. "You can not imagine how happy I am to be on this stage, " said the singer. "I would have even crawled to Mannheim."

So she swept across the stage, sang wonderfully, offered her acrobatic inserts, almost three hours. As if she wants to make up for the unusual concerts of the tour . "I'm very sad that I have to disappoint my fans, but the doctor has strictly forbidden me to act, " Helene had addressed to her audience earlier this week. The concerts will be rescheduled in summer.

Is it any wonder that the last appearance of her big European tour got really emotional? As the sparks of sparks rained down and the last notes of her beautiful ballad "Were my last day" faded away, she looked with emotion into the cheering crowd. And one sensed at that moment: Helene was overjoyed. She has made it, the love of her audience will be forever safe!