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No more time for her ": 4-year-old offered for adoption on Facebook

"Sorry, mom and dad do not have time for you anymore."
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The police are investigating a family that offered their 4-year-old daughter on Facebook

Children are a decision for life. But this family sees things differently: Because she has "no more time" for her 4-year-old daughter, she offers her on Facebook for adoption.

"One will probably be allowed to ask" ...

The 24-year-old American Mallory Donarth has asked a question too much on Facebook. She posted the following text in the group "DBQ Mamas", a Facebook group for mothers from Dubuque in Iowa:

Does one of you know a family that wants to adopt a 4-year-old girl? My parents adopted them, but now they have new jobs and no time for them, I have 3 children myself and can not accept them. Please only serious inquiries. "

Should not one think that the adoption of a child lasts a lifetime? This family does not seem to think so. The young woman offers her little sister for adoption!

The other mothers react immediately and inform the police. As Lieutenant Scott Baxter of Police Dubuque confirms to, several phone calls were made to this Facebook post at his police station. That's why he gave the case to a colleague.

As this colleague asks Mallory, this falls from all clouds. Baxter says Mallory said she never intended to sell or give away her 4-year-old sister . She can not even legally do that because it's not her own child. She just wanted to find out about help from adoption agencies.

After visiting the police Mallory immediately wrote the next post in the group:

"Let me put it another way, I'm not selling a kid, it's just to get help with adoption options, calling the police was stupid, she's safe, she's fine, so thanks for your help."

We can only hope that a home will be found for the little girl in which it is really welcome.

The police are definitely investigating.

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