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Funny video: cat drinks with his whole head under water

Photo: Screenshot / Lisa Hewus

Eigen (-like)

This cat has a very special way to drink. Funny! While she drinks she puts her whole head under water in the video.

You have already seen many videos about more or less funny peculiarities of cats. A cat who prefers to drink from the tap than from the bowl is nothing new. But this cat has developed her own way of drinking.

The owner is filming her cat while she is standing in the sink. The faucet is, instead of drinking the water straight out of the opening, with the tongue, the cat does something strange: she drinks with her whole head under water. It gets soaking wet.

Although cats are generally regarded as water-shy, this does not seem to bother the little shower. She builds her own waterfall and drinks the water, which after the long journey over the head and nose finally reaches her mouth. It does not look as if the cat is successful, only a little water actually reaches its tongue.

Nevertheless, she seems satisfied with her special drinking style. Under the funny video, the owner tells her that her cat has been drinking with her head under water all her life. Will she find out at some point that it would be easier to lift her head? Maybe the pet simply enjoys combining drinking with a refreshing shower.


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