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How to act on men

Psychology: broadcast to men

How smart is your hairdo? How sexy are your shoes?

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  1. Men conclude from the hairstyle to the personality
  2. A question of effect
  3. That reveals the hair color
  4. Red pumps set signals
  5. The boot-rock-rolli look
  6. Take off, undress!
  7. Stay authentic!
  8. One wants to kiss red lips ... but man does not want
  9. What says what lip color
  10. Signals in the partnership
  11. Bodygloss: Let the body speak
JOY author Anne West decodes the secret sex signals of clothing, accessories, make-up and hair - because if you know how to get to him, you flirt much more successful!

Five seconds. So short does a man need for the first impression. A look to register your hairstyle and posture, your facial expression and how much skin is seen from the chin down, plus shoes, clothes and eyes. All perceptions are passed through the emotional association center without any detour via the intellect and there with his experiences ("redhead women never bring me happiness"), general clichés ("women with pointed shoes are workaholics") and above all with his sexual fantasies ("Smooth leather boots on my shoulder ").

Even before they speak a word, he already has an opinion about you. And he has already decided: Is she weaker or stronger than me? Sympathetic or unsympathetic? Would I sleep with her - or not? Sometimes a pair of red pumps can completely reverse their minds ... Therefore, you should know the codes from which your counterpart draws conclusions about your character, your origin, today's mood and intelligence - and from which he even tries to read out your sexual behavior!

Men close from the hairstyle to the personality

Short hair looks smart, dark hair reliable, blond cheap to expensive. What a woman says when she first contacts contributes only 5% of her sex appeal. The Lord is looking up a floor instead! Far more than women, men from hairstyle to personality, according to Professor Reinhold Bergler, author of the book "The Psychology of the First Impression: The Language of the Hair" after. Whether intelligence (shortcut), ambition (hair high), self-confidence (hair from the face), quarrelsome (curls, toupiert) or erotische Luridity (much hairspray):

All this my men recognize by your hairstyle. And despite a terrific error rate, as Bergler noted, the gentlemen stick to their hair-Tarot: Long, open and undone misunderstand them as an invitation, carefully pinned up as "Conquer me, but do not break the hairstyle!" From this opposition lives most erotic move since Vidal Sassoons Bob: the lascivious liberation of the chaste hairknot to the mantis.

Play with changing the neutered neuter into a wild curly-haired creature, it works on some men like the cheering back of the satin duvet. Short hair is always "open". It carries for men the subtext "I'm smart", but also "I do not necessarily like men". What some like very much, they smell behind the Pixieschnitt sexual fidelity!

A question of effect

Let's take this fixed idea and look at Yale, where psychologist Marianne LaFrance pointed out that ponytail carriers are more knowledgeable than women with open hair, and more alive than those with lumps on their heads. Men find everything exciting that moves: bra-liberated bosoms, Pos, Formula 1 cars. Which is why "throwing the hair" also works as a peep-bait. Blondes are not always preferred by the way: nature-identical blond tones are associated with precious, young and long-term trophy, but bright "Katzenberger" waves with treacherous, bitchy or even, sorry: stupid.

Now to the Gretchenfrage "braids or not?": I've been told that many gentlemen think of the Heidi look at sex - from behind, with the braids as a reins ... Oh, what if we were just without the imagination of men! Because no matter how hairy your inferred opinion about your headdress is: The hairstyle remains a key stimulus for sympathy, competence and sex appeal!

That reveals the hair color

Blonde women are considered soft and feminine. Red hair often associates man with attributes such as sinful, spirited, and eccentric. Most associate dark and black hair with honest, competent, sensual, but also melancholic.

Red pumps set signals

Unless you're blond or long haired (like me), wear glasses (like me) and have no eyecatcher bosom (yes, exactly) - put on red pumps. You can now go as high-necked and short-haired as you want: According to a Canadian study, with red high-heeled shoes you still have the delight of men and the mistrust of women on your side. No other shoe carries so much history with it:

He is courtesan stiletto, red light milieu and designer fetish, he is provocation, but never promise, he says: "Everything can. Nothing has to be. And I dare this! "Red pumps are sparing to use, just in blondes, they are sufficient as a sexual offensive signal. With a small black jacket, jeans and jacket - then you have what makes you look interesting and erotic: the asymmetry of the signals. Asymmetry, the charm of opposites, eros and psyche, is a provocative, exciting clothing code.

Set contrasts

Red fingernails to adidas shirt. Giant sweater to the micro-mini. Pixiehaar and backless. Lackgürtel to pinstripe. And nothing lends itself to refined asymmetries as much as the choice of the shoe: You can ironize a too good outfit (for example sneakers for business suit, glitter stylet for cargo pants) or defuse the sexual uniqueness (for example rubber boots to mini, ballerinas to burlesque dress) - but do it wisely and only if you want to live with the consequences!

For as with your hairstyle, men believe in the brave to sexually assertive language of your shoes: you and I know that the hottest stilettos can lie and make us behave sexier than we are, or that in Chucks there can be an overweening cheeky ! Men, however, come close to anything that has anything to do with sex - without frills: Sporty shoes are sporty sex, pointed pumps are equally demanding, aggressive sex. Sometimes man is less differentiated than we would like.

The boot-rock-rolli look

A special form of shoes takes the boot. Thigh-high sheepskin boots send the code of sexual availability, no matter how expensive they were (as a banker said to my 400-euro parts? "So nice slutty." Pah!). It is different with the Reitstiefellänge to the knee: The nobler the leather, the more erotic dominance and emotional roller coaster promises her sight. You should not be surprised if one or the other wishes you would ride out with him. Long and hard.

And keep the things in mind! The best combination for this is the pencil skirt (Italian length, over the knee, like made of leather!) And the tight turtleneck that traces the breasts - this shows a lot of feminine silhouette, but conceals it at the same time. For men, the "SRR", the boot-rock-rolli look, is one of the most erotic. Do not ask me, why: Every man had a different exciting fantasy to answer. As I said: what would we be without the imagination of men!

Take off, undress!

Men find these clothes completely unsexy: harem pants, babydolls, jumpsuits, little flowers, the Empire style. Also, anything that looks too neutral, like our beloved shift dress (unless it's black and tight), woolen hats, ponchos, big scarves, linen clothing, Ugg boots, and wedge heels.

Make an impression for advanced: how clothes can deceive

We women are trained to despair in front of the wardrobe. Nevertheless, I would like to remind of nine basic information that filters out men at your sight. And for that they only need 90 seconds, according to a study by the University of Jena.

1. Is her clothing functional or does she signal readiness to suffer for her beauty? From this he draws conclusions about your vanity, an antipathy factor!

2. What is she covering and why? Everything that is haggled awakens his curiosity, the less skin there is to see, the more he values ​​your loyalty!

3. What does it reveal how and why? Does she do that out of calculation? Does she feel comfortable with it (sexy!) Or is she just faking the vamp (unsexy)?

4. What does she wear for accessories? Pearls make them seem unapproachable, fashion jewelry casual. Status symbols (expensive watch, signet ring) men like to see only in men, decent jewelry reveals his style, even conservative education (difficult to conquer!). He finds big handbags suspicious (Is she chaotic? Will she move in with me?).

5. Is the outfit appropriate for the occasion or is it underdressed or overdressed? From this he concludes on autonomy and risk-taking!

6. Is the clothing a social statement? Examples are a purple dungarees or the Arafat cloth ...

7. Does it give information about origin and way of life? Is she a vegan nerd? From a good stable? Does she earn more money than he does?

8. Does she feel comfortable in it? He senses whether a woman disguises herself for the sake of fashion (he assumes her weakness), to belong to a scene (which does not impress him very much) - or whether she has worked out her own style. This self-confidence is sexy!

9. Which sexual signals at second glance does the outfit contain? Everything plays a role: the height of the heels, the color of the shoes and nails, the intensity of the perfume. "Loud" jewelery (for example ringing bangles), extravagant gloves, fishnet stockings, rich hair color, the colors red or black, the tones of sexual power and "tears" like bows, buttons, zippers ... Yes, men can perceive more subtle signals than only cleavage depth and skirt shortening!

Stay authentic!

My sexual appetite was once "recognized" by a very gifted lover on short dark red lacquered nails and the toe cleavage of my pumps. So we really do not have to show everything to be an eye-catcher. Be aware of all of these dress codes to control your impression, but also so as not to "disguise yourself". Because the most sympathetic impression you awaken when inner attitude and external signals are as congruent.

Oh, but before you go out in the office suit, swap the business shirt for a touch of chiffon - because clothing that makes a man feel successful, such as the dark jacket and the van Laack shirt, can do you Admiration and a buddy, but rarely sex appeal: Men do not want to sleep upstairs. They want to be on top.

95 percent of the first impression is determined by clothing, posture, gestures and facial expressions, speech rate and voice, only five percent of the content of the said.

The language of silk, leather, corduroy and Co.

Everything that feels supple and smooth awakens male pleasure. What is coarse, artificial or rough is a spacer. Asymmetry, for example, leather and silk, wool and chiffon, have an interesting effect on him.

Cord: Clever, nerdy, trendy

Silk: expensive, feminine, sophisticated

Chiffon: Young, girlish, sensual, but also: unpredictable

Leather: Strong, sexy, courageous - the leather skirt is the perfect seducer! Just be careful with patent leather: it is associated with a hint of S / M.

Velvet: Subtle, not very refined, soft, warm

Satin: Erosbetont, sensual, frivolous

Animal Prints: Not only look eccentric, but it may also be so, so exhausting

Knitting: Repellent, pragmatic, little vain

Jeans: Uncomplicated, not very brave, everyday sex

Net: Small net acts wicked up to offensive, great elegant-sexy

One wants to kiss red lips ... but man does not want

It is one of the achievements of advertising to tell us what should be sexy. Lipstick, for example, because it emphasizes the mouth that is associated with the vulva. The fact is: Fully made-up women are, according to a French study on average 3.8 times faster addressed in a club - but also more of men who think such a plastered woman is sexually available!

For example, red-painted mouths are considered an invitation to look after the lady - but also as a spacer. The longer I listened to men of all ages, the more they said: well-groomed and prepared for special occasions, yes - but constantly fully made-up? No thanks! This is due to the anti-corruption switch in the men's brain:

If he perceives too many deceptions (make-up, strong perfume and so on), his inner polygraph warns him to trust this tuned entity. Sometimes this can lead to conflicts: he does not believe this woman, but he desperately wants to sleep with her because her sexual signals are too tempting. These are moments in which one wonders: What does this fake bitch have what I do not have?

What says what lip color

Red: Bright red arrives as "Attention, look at me", Dark red as "I want to know - like only this night" and cherry red as "If you get me, I'll tell you where to go ..."

Fuchsia: Business woman, has success, please do not kiss.

Pink: Girlish, naughty, she wants your attention, but she does not want you. Please do not kiss.

Brown / Gold: Old.

Violet: The color of the excited vulva. This woman is dangerous, provocative and independent.

Lipgloss: way here! Sticks! Tastes funny!

Signals in the partnership

Clothes never lose their signal power. Not only at first impressions, but also during the relationship, outfits keep their codes, signal intentions, direction or state of the partnership. Incidentally, a woman in a jogging suit or a sleeping shirt is often misunderstood by her husband: I no longer bother with you. Simple, but true. So here with the sinful negligee!

Bodygloss: Let the body speak

Our body is seldom capable of lying. Sometimes he says, "Yes, kiss me, " while the mouth "Does not know" stammer, sometimes he says, "Flirt with me, even if I do not want you." And he often says, "Do not look at me Otherwise you will discover my flaws! "Unfortunately, a man understands this more clearly than any other of your signals. And maybe do you the favor and look away again! Whatever a woman wears, on which exciting high heels she stands:

It's for the cat, if she can not go and not look! Instead of asking, "O, how can I hide my butt?", Your body should say, "Is it good to see the plump supermodel?" And that is perhaps the most essential secret of the appeal codes: the art of making your body shine let, also called "Body Gloss". Your love and consensus with yourself is your most sensual dress.

A man will perceive it even if you look like an unbridled smurfette! So, shoulders back. Heads up. Adjust Crown. Look him in the eyes for three seconds and he will forget what you are wearing. Walk on a red carpet to new adventures!

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