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Surprising discoveryFor the first time in 460 years: researchers open the tomb of Jesus!

The tomb of Jesus Christ was last opened 460 years ago. Now archaeologists have uncovered the resting place again to gain new insights.

A research team has now studied the final resting place of Jesus.
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According to tradition, the tomb of Jesus Christ lies beneath the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City of Jerusalem. The tomb is located in the bottom of the hill Golgotha.

Tomb of Jesus Christ opened: researchers were surprised

For several hundred years - more precisely since 1555 - the marble slabs over the tomb of Jesus Christ were no longer moved. As part of restoration work currently taking place in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, archaeologists have now uncovered the remains of the 1009 ruined tomb.

The researchers were initially surprised to find such a large amount of filler under the marble surface.

Various analyzes will now enable new insights into the nature of the rock pit. According to senior engineer Antonia Moropolou, the excavations are so well documented that viewing the material would make you feel like entering the tomb of Jesus Christ yourself.

It is believed that the research will take a long time, but will ultimately provide information about the rock on which the dead Jesus Christ was once supposed to have been placed.