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Simple guide for a lightweight cardigan

Feminine and elegant: Pretty self-made cardigan
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  1. Feminine and playful
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  3. Knitting pattern for a light cardigan

Feminine and playful

This cardigan is great to combine with a light dress. Just follow the knitting instructions and the jacket will soon be yours.

Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL

The values ​​for the individual sizes are separated one after the other by slashes from the smallest to the largest size. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.


  • Schachenmayr Catania, 550/600/600/650/650 canvas Fb 00248.
  • 1 Milward crochet hook 4 mm, 6 buttons by Dill (article 320610, Fb 14, diameter 15 mm)

Fantasy pattern:

Work back and forth rows according to crochet instruction 1. The 1st-5th Work series 1 x, then the 2nd-5th Repeat every row.

Mussel pattern:

Work in rounds according to crochet 2.

Knitting tension:

Crochet 23 M and 10 rows = 10 x 10 cm in fantasy pattern.

Knitting instructions for a light cardigan


91/103/115/127/139 Knit in the air and crochet in the fantasy pattern. Start the series as drawn, work 7x / 8x / 9x / 10 / 11x the repeat and finish with ½ repeat as shown. After 34/34/38/38/38 cm from the stop for the armholes, leave on each side in each successive row 3x ½ repeat uncoated. There are still 5/6/7/8/9 repeats in the middle.After 55/55/59/59/63 cm from the stop for the shoulder bevels on both sides in each following row 2x ½ / 2x ½ / 1x 1 and 1x ½ / 2x Leave 1 / 2x 1 repeat uncoated. At the same time for the neckline keep the middle 3/4/4/4/5 repeats uncoated and finish both sides separately. In 58/58/62/62/66 cm total height finish the work.

Right front:

Cast on 49/55/61/67/73 and work in the fantasy pattern. Do the series as drawn, working 4x / 4½x / 5x / 5½x / 6x the rapport. After 34 cm from the stop for the armhole at the left edge, leave 3x ½ repeat in each successive row uncoated. There remain 3 / 3½ / 4 / 4½ / 5 reports. After 48/48/52/52/56 cm from neckline stop at the right edge, leave 1 repeat uncoated, then in each successive row 2x ½ / 2x ½ / 2x ½ / 2x ½ / 2x 1 repeat and in the second following Row still 1x 0 / 1x ½ / 1x ½ / 1x ½ / 1x 1 repeat uncoated leave. After 55/55/59/59/63 cm from the stop for the shoulder bevel on the left edge in each successive row, leave 2x ½ / 2x ½ / 1x 1 and 1x ½ / 2x 1 / 2x1 repeat uncoated.In 58/58/62 / 62/66 cm Total height finish the front. Crochet the left front opposite.


Cast on 55/55/55/67/67 meshes and work in the fantasy pattern. Start drawing as shown, 4x / 4x / 4x / 5x / 5x the repeat and finish with ½ repeat the row as drawn.For the sleeve bevel on both sides in every 3rd row increase 12x 1 stitch pattern = starting row as drawn, 6x / 6x / 6x / 7x / 7x repeat, end of row as drawn. After 43/43/43/43/43 cm from the stop for the arm ball, leave 1 repeat uncoated, then in each successive row repeat 2x ½ repeat, in each 2nd row 5x ½ repeat, then 4 rows without declines, then in each leave the following row 1x ½ repeat and 1x 1 repeat uncoated. After 58/58/58/62/62 cm total height from stop stop the work. Crochet the second sleeve in exactly the same way.


Close the shoulder, side and sleeve seams. Use the sleeves. All edges, even the lower edges of the sleeves in the shell pattern work. ATTENTION: The holes created automatically in the shell pattern serve as buttonholes. Sew the buttons evenly on the left front, each opposite a hole in the edge of the shell.

The complete knitting instructions for download can be found here.