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Like the first time "? Finger away from the vagina stick!

Who wants to voluntarily "sex like the first time"?!? Doctors warn against vagina stick

Doctors (and somehow common sense) warn against this new trend from Asia: The "vagina stick" promises to narrow the vagina and "sex as the first time". But at what price (and we are not talking about money here)?

Many women and men are thinking about how to improve their sex life. The internet and of course our site gushes with helpful sex tips. But most importantly, health should never be compromised!

But this new trend from Asia, which is now slowly migrating to Germany, is not good at all: the vagina stick.

This is a rod, about the size of a cigar, which according to the manufacturer consists of "Indonesian herbs and extracts". He should be introduced into the woman's vagina about half an hour to a quarter before sex. After two minutes, the desired effect already occurs: The vagina becomes narrower.

Vagina Stick providers claim that they have been used by women in Asia, Arabia and Persia for centuries.

(Photos: An online store that sells remnants in China.)

The stick is supposed to do a lot more: It not only narrows the vagina, it also dries it out. If kept in the vagina for the prescribed two minutes, he pulls them together, draining the moisture and "cleansing" and "revitalizing" the vagina. But he must not stay in the vagina for more than two minutes, otherwise he will dry them out too much.

We imagine the whole thing quite painful and unpleasant. And also the sex afterwards: Who wants to voluntarily again experience his first time?!?!

Doctors are also raising the alarm: the Canadian-American gynecologist dr. Jen Gunter warns in detail on her blog in front of the vagina sticks. She repeats "Do not do this, okay?" ("Do not do that, yes?")

She writes that there are many women who are looking for ways and means to have "dry sex" because that is supposed to be more exciting for men. But for women it is only harmful: not only is it painful, the vagina is also much more susceptible to infections that can be better absorbed through a dry vaginal wall.

A healthy vagina cleans itself - and that's just because of its moisture, as we have already explained here! Removing moisture with vagina sticks is simply counterproductive.

Much more important for a healthy, "tight" vagina is pelvic floor training! We have explained here in detail how you can easily integrate pelvic floor training in your everyday life.

So, just keep your fingers off "vagina sticks" and warn your girlfriends too!

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