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With these maxi dresses you cheat your butt and legs away

Maxi dresses are simply a figure flatterer
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Slender top and legs and buttocks a little too thick? That's how many women are. What helps: maxi dresses

Summer is approaching and we are looking forward to it! But every year the same theater. I like my upper body, but my legs are quite stocky. As shorts and short skirts or dresses fall out in the selection for the summer already. So what do you wear then? I opt for maxi dresses!

All girls with buttocks and thighs know what I mean. Downstairs airy, without constantly pulling on the shorts or the skirt and sitting down to bend your legs while sitting, so you do not look thicker than you are, is not that difficult. But at 30 degrees nobody wants to sweat in a stiff jeans.

My tip for you: Maxi dresses, because they cheat loosely 3 kilos underneath . Nevertheless, I feel very well, because I can sit relaxed, stand and lie down. My legs are cleverly hidden and I can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Here are my favorite maxi dresses for summer 2016

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