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Beyonce's "7/11" makes you hungry for statement sweatshirts

Beyoncé with dark blue "Kale" sweatshirt from Suburban Riot ...
Photo: YouTube

3 sweatshirts that are at least as cool as Beyoncés in "7/11"

Beyoncé just released the coolest music clip of all time with "7/11". We are very ecstatic - even from her casual clothes. Here are three statement sweatshirts that are at least as cool as Queen B.

The new sweatshirts score with striking statement prints, oversized oversize silhouettes and bright colors. Do you like it too? Great, then you found a new fashion friend in Beyoncé. The singer has released her new video for the song "7/11" at the weekend - and we've been rocking not only in time since, but we're also looking forward to a lot of statement-sweatshirts, as Beyoncé carries in the clip!

Whether "Kale" sweater from the label "Suburban Riot", the Playboy copy of "Joyrich" or Queen B's own "Cake By The Pound" -pulli (see gallery above) - we all love it! And think even, in which we later on the new Platinum Edition of their album (there's now, for example, here ) abhotten. Are you there? That's good: we 've prepared our three statement sweatshirt favorites down below ... and right there's Beyoncé 7/11 clip to celebrate!

Blue cotton pullover with "For the Life You Lead" inscription and sequins applications by Filles à Papa x Lee, for the 125th anniversary of Lee Jeans. Approximately 140 euros.

Wide cut multicolour sweatshirt with label print from Adidas at, with rib knit cuffs and pockets. Approximately 65 euros.

Casual sweater from LTB at with overcut shoulders and wide stretch cuffs. 35 euros.