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Suzanne von Borsody: Inspired by Dog

Suzanne von Borsody helps the experience of having a dog fight settled in the implementation of their roles

Suzanne of Bosordy

Suzanne von Bosordy / ©

The 52-year-old actress told EXPRESS that this experience helps her to express certain feelings in the required situation. "Jack Nicholson was asked how he manages to credibly play nasty killers. He said that he does not imagine humans but mosquitoes that he kills. Because he hates mosquitoes. That's what I'm trying to do, "says Borsody. The German actress ('Lola Rennt') will soon star in the film version of Henning Mankell's thriller 'Der Chines'. Shooting is scheduled for Austria, Sweden and Taiwan. No reason for Borsody to enjoy, because: "There is not a cool, spin-friendly climate". The daughter of the actor couple Hans von Borsody and Rosemarie Fendel noticed after each spin, how exhausting her job can be. "I'm usually attacked by flu. I will not give my body a break. One is so focused during the shoot, that one simply ignores and suppresses the small aches and pains. And that sometimes avenges itself in hindsight. "

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