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Funny Video: Little boy does not want another sister

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Lecker Maul

The funniest tantrum of all time

When little Gunther learns that he still gets a sister, he does not even get involved anymore. His tantrum is really cinematic.

Another sibling? Yes! Another little sister? No way! Unfortunately, little Gunther can not decide that. The reaction of the boy to this injustice: a tantrum of the extra class.

Gunther's parents have come up with a special idea how to tell him and his sisters the gender of the new baby. They serve them cake with appropriate colored filling.

When Gunther cuts the cake, the big surprise comes for the little boy. When he sees the pink filling, he looks at first astonished. But then his expression begins to darken. Another girl? Gunther can not believe it. He does not want another little sister. After all, he already has two.

The boy obviously wants a little brother who would be a lot cooler than another sister. Girl finds Gunther namely according to own statement basically totally stupid.

Even the father can no longer appease the boy. His disappointment is too big. Unfortunately, we can not help but find Gunther's tantrum at least a bit funny. At the latest when he promises to move out at home and want to live alone, because he is so disappointed, we can no longer resist the laughter. You should take a look for yourself.