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Healthy and beautiful hair Why we swear on deep cleansing shampoo

Deep Cleansing Shampoo removes debris, prevents hair loss and makes your mane shine - provided you have the right one for your type!

Deep cleansing shampoo: At least as important as the toothpaste. But which one do you fit your hair type?
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To help our hairs fit perfectly, we usually use a lot of products to keep them in shape. Various shampoos, conditioners, hairspray, hair oil, ... Although our mane looks naturally styled to the max, the care products often contain silicones and other active ingredients that are deposited on our hair and scalp .

In the short term, this overload is certainly not on, but in perspective lose the hair in gloss and momentum . That is why it is even more important that we regularly rid our hair of annoying deposits, so they keep their healthy appearance and the hairdresser not accidentally fall victim to the scissors.

That's why we've picked out three different types of deep cleansing shampoo that will make your hair shine again!

3 deep cleansing shampoos - which suits you?

1. The vitamin syringe on dull hair

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Vitamins are good for our body, so why should not they be able to do something good for our hair? Especially, who uses many care products, will notice that the hair looks dull quickly . Styling remnants settle on it and take its natural shine and interfere in the worst case, even the growth . Especially vitamin A, B and C are important to regrow the hair healthy and prevent hair loss.

Deep cleansing shampoo by Marlies Möller

Hair professional Marlies Möller has therefore developed a deep cleansing shampoo that frees the hair from styling residues and at the same time supplies them with a real vitamin kick. An active ingredient complex of champagne, grape leaves and cassie extracts cleanses and invigorates your hair. The containing Pashmina-Silk additionally provides the necessary shine, so that your mane radiates healthy again.

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2. The concentrate for hair loss

If you are genetically prone to thin hair or even hair loss, it is especially important to protect your scalp from unnecessary deposits. The growth of your hair must be kept very active and lively, so that no bald spots arise.

With the deep cleansing shampoo Biodroga you can consciously promote your hair growth. The so-called Hair Booster is a concentrate that is massaged once or twice a week into the hair and cleans your scalp. In addition, the contained wheat protein makes your hair firmer and more supple and silk protein gives it extra moisture.

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3. Daily care for scrubbers

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Not every deep cleansing shampoo is suitable for daily care. But if you want to keep your hair permanently and perhaps prophylactically free from stressful environmental influences, there are also shampoos that gently cleanse your hair every day . They are not quite as aggressive as many deep cleansing shampoos, but still ensure that all styling residues are removed without leaving any residue.

Especially effective is the Daily Cleansing Shampoo by Dermalogica . With coconut, avocado and argon oil, it cleanses your hair every day, leaving it supple and at the same time protecting it from harmful UV rays and environmental stress . And the most beautiful? Your hair smells of grapefruit, lavender and geranium after use.

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