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Tops for well-being - Figurschmeichler for more confidence

Airy sweater in bright red. Approximately 40 euros, up to size 64, Ulla Popken
Photo: Ulla Popken

These tops sit perfectly

Whether small or big breasts, a bit of bacon or a tummy - with these pullovers, shirts and tops you like to go through the spring and summer.

For some, the warm season is a horror - not because of the great temperatures, but because the clothes are airier. In winter, the small and large Problemzönchen hide well under any amount of fabric. But in summer you can not cheat so easily - can you? With our styling tips for different tops, small blemishes can be neatly concealed and you will feel more comfortable in your skin - and in your clothing.

Tops for well-being - a few styling rules

1. For sweaters, shirts and tops the following applies: Access to flowing fabrics, these cover faster a few pounds too much and do not wear.

2. Avoid extra attachments on the tops that highlight your problem area even more. If you have a big bust, you should keep your fingers away from blouses or shirts with breast pockets. You find your belly too round? Then do not choose a sweater with patterns in the middle. The roll on the hips bothers you? Avoid too short tops that are cut shorter at the sides in a round bow than at the front and at the back. This way, the "bacon on the hips" can free its way to the fresh air - and we do not want that ...

3. Ruffles and wrinkles can distract from problem areas. So a small tummy disappears in no time under neatly cut tops. Also a wrap look on the top or a cowl neckline can conjure up a great cleavage and hide neatly. But beware! Ruffles are the horror of any problem zone. Why? Because you apply optically. But if you have a small breast, it may be neatly ruffled at the bust. Logical!

4. You do not like your upper arms so much? No problem, under tops and dresses with sleeves untrained arms disappear in an instant. As a general rule, the longer the arm is cut, the more it looks longer. If it's too hot anyway: a small scarf can also be thrown over your shoulders - and is loose and light.

5. Dark fabrics carry less doll than bright ones - this also applies to tops . Of course you do not always want to run around in black and dark gray in summer. Colors are completely ok and make you look fresh and happy. Make sure that the parts are cut loose. It gets casual when tops are put a little bit in the pants. On the hips and butt may shirt and Co. then like to hang out.

6. Do you have a problem with your double chin? Have confidence and head up! V-neck tops are visually more elongated than those with a round neck. So you can also style a strong neck narrower.

Our favorite in problem areas hide: a tunic. Why? Because she conceals strong arms, is airy and slightly cut, so that a stomach or rider's pants do not even stand out and stretched out with a V-neck neck ... But these figure flatterers you should also remember ...