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Mathilde of Belgium: the last pedestrian

Even the family of Princess Mathilde enjoyed strolling for a day on foot through the car-free metropolis.
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Car free day in Brussels

Car free day in Brussels! For many people in Belgium a nice opportunity to roam their capital once without noise and fuel stink.

But even Belgium's crown prince family enjoyed it, casually dressed like ordinary strollers, that the metropolis was for a few hours almost a single pedestrian zone.

While Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium (52) with his sons Gabriel (9) and Emmanuel (on October 5, 7) walked happily in advance, remained the daughters Elisabeth (will be on 35 October 11) and Eleonore (4) most of the time good at the side of her mother Mathilde (39).

Mathilde, on the other hand, was visibly pleased that she and her loved ones could walk around without having to pay attention to traffic, where otherwise motor vehicles set the tone.

The royal sextet deliberately set an example. By participating in this action, which was, of course, about saving energy and protecting the environment, the Crown Prince family wanted to prove to the Belgians that the royals in the country are by no means all car bonkers.

Namely, this reputation precedes the royal family, as Philip's brother Laurent (48) often made for inglorious headlines as a traffic hooligan. So "Prince Vollgas" (as Laurent's nickname) had to forego a few days last year for his driver's license, because he had rushed in the middle of Brussels with his Porsche in a speed camera. The speedometer showed 82 instead of the allowed 50 km / h.