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Why we like to laugh?

"Do not you think that's too bad?" By blasphemy, we are basically seeking confirmation that we are "normal".
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  1. Here's the latest gossip!
  2. Why are we blaspheming?
  3. Are only women blaspheming?
  4. This is blasphemed
  5. Bad revelations about nice people
  6. Caught while blaspheming !?

Here's the latest gossip!

We do not like to admit it, but: we enjoy lauding. Why it is like that. About whom we prefer to move. And what you should do if you get caught.

Is she having an affair with this idiot? That's just not possible! "Okay, admittedly: We like to blaspheme over everything, the love crisis of Angelina and Brad or the new friend of our colleague." Whole 30 percent of our discussions consist of gossip and small poison darts this gossip strengthens the sense of community.

Why are we blaspheming?

Gossip is first time news exchange. And: blasphemy acts like an early warning system . Because when someone behaves nasty, we feel the need to communicate the other - to protect them from falling into the same trap.

But sometimes we also want to let off steam - without the one we are just upset about, that gets along. After all, reading is a good outlet: "We often get annoyed about trivialities, and if we were to say that to any tormentor in the face right away, we would soon lose our friends, " says psychologist Borwin Bandelow. In the case of odds and ends, it is even better to make a secret air - then to approach the nerve candidate with a more normal pulse.

Are only women blaspheming?

Yes, yes, it is not for nothing that "blasphemy sister". Women actually gossip more often than men. The reason: Men are less afraid of confrontation and therefore more direct. But that is only good because they are also less resentful, after they have repelled the horns together.

But our personality also plays a role in the frequency of blasphemy: "Shy people move on more often over others, because with them the inhibition threshold is even higher to give direct contraindications, " says Bandelow. And: blasphemy is inherited. Since Mama has always left out loud about the terrible perfume of her sisters, later on we are less ashamed to shave each other off.

This is blasphemed

"There are always garbage bags in front of his door - maybe he's a messie ?!" To share a house or land offers, according to Emnid study lot of blasphemy. Because we love to get excited about our neighbors. And: the smaller the place, the more it is gossiped. In the countryside you know your neighbors just better than in the big city. Second most popular slander objects: celebrities. Who we hardly lose a bad word about: our dearest. Only four percent of Germans blaspheme about their partner.

Bad revelations about nice people

It does not come as a surprise that you lose a bad word about people you do not really like anyway. But why are we also blaspheming about girlfriends we actually like? "Often it is not about the absent person - but we want to build a connection with our counterpart, " says Bandelow. For the sympathy points of our interlocutor we "sacrifice" then briefly the girlfriend. Will she not (hopefully) with you?

Caught while blaspheming !?

And then it happens: You just complain in the coffee kitchen over the loud talking on the colleague - promptly she is in the door. Damn unpleasant. For both. "Of course, catching someone who is blaspheming, offending, we complain a lot to ourselves, but are therefore not very critical, " says Bandelow. The nice picture, which we had previously from the blasphemy, gets a crack.

If we get caught, that's awful for us. In this case, only one thing helps: clench your teeth, apologize and respond directly afterwards, which has disturbed you.