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Miley Cyrus regrets that she has not graduated

Miley Cyrus was never allowed to attend a prom

Miley Cyrus

Since Miley Cyrus has probably heard too little on her mother. It is likely that every child since his earliest childhood is taught by his parents. Namely, that you always have to go to school and graduate. Ok, Miley has become something, but regrets that she did not graduate. As a child star Miley has never been to a normal high school. Most of all, she regrets that she was never able to attend a prom - after all, a prom in the US is a must for every teenager. In an interview that Vibly reported now, the Hanna Montana star said, "I never regret that I've never graduated from high school. I recently escorted my gay buddy to his prom, but that was not the same thing. The evening was very glamorous and extravagant. But I spent most of my time posing for some photos, so I did not have much fun. "Miley Cyrus was at a prom with her buddy" Normally you go to such a ball with its sandbox love. The whole thing is very different. You're upset, do not know what to wear or say - I never had. Today I regret that. "Poor Miley! The feeling of having a prom is unique and should have been experienced by everyone. Instead, she is negotiating her marriage contract for the upcoming wedding. Even Miley has to learn slowly that it can be hard to be a kid star. ML

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