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Child star Heidi in the cinema: The exclusive trailer

Photo: youtube / vipmagazin


Heidi fans beware: In December comes the second movie about the little girl and the grumpy Alm Öhi in the cinemas. The exclusive trailer for you.

"Heidi, Heidi, your world is the mountains Heidi, Heidi, because up here you are at home Dark fir, ...". Well, do you know how to continue? Not? Then you should quickly search for their old video cassettes and treat yourself to an hour of yodelling. Why? Because our favorite Bergen girl is coming to German cinemas on 10th December.

Johanna Spyri gave the little girl a face over 100 years ago. Now the children's book character is experiencing a remake and comes as a remake in the cinemas. Beautiful landscapes, dreamy longings and heartbreaking emotions - handkerchief alarm guaranteed!

In the main roles the orphan girl Heidi (Anuk Steffen), her grandfather Alm-Öhi (Bruno Ganz) and the Geißenpeter (Agrippi). What is it about? To a little girl who lives secluded with his grandfather on a simple wooden hut and experiences small and big adventures together with her friend Peter - until one day she is brought to Frankfurt by her aunt. The yearning for her beloved mountains and the Alm-Öhi - unbearable. To sob nice!

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