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Duchess Kate: All England in the Baby Cheers

Radiant Kate: At an exhibition last week in London, she put all her artwork in the shade with her tummy.
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YES! Proudly she shows her little tummy

Kate and Prince William are looking forward to their own little family.

What is a baby made of? A bit of mom, a bit of daddy - and a lot of miracles ...

What does Duchess Kate (30) feel these days? A mixture of overflowing anticipation, fear of the unknown, gratitude? This is the most beautiful thing young women can experience.

There are the soft, tender words of the expectant mother to the growing life under the heart, there is the desire to protect the baby and at the same time to embrace the world. And the incredible luck that you can hold this child in your arms soon.

The whole of England is already talking about the wonderful news that Duchess Kate and Prince William (30) are about three, that they will soon buy vials and pacifiers.

Now the Duchess attended an art exhibition in London in a cobalt blue shift dress - and everyone was lucky! Kate proudly showed her little tummy! Oh how nice! Now the whole country is cheering!

It was also noticeable to some of the exhibition guests that Kate sometimes held her hands over her stomach, a typical protective gesture of expectant mothers. And the Duchess smiled so enchantingly, seemed so carefree, that the surrounding people became very warm heart.

William himself recently said, "Kate and I can not wait to have a family, we're looking forward to our first baby !"

That Kate loves children, she has already shown with Williams niece Savannah (19 months). You both saw on the edge of a polo game and it was so adorable as Kate talked to her, leaned down to her, stroked her cheeks and then went for a walk with the little one and Cocker Spaniel "Lupo". She practiced as a mom!

When the desired baby is to come to the world, the court has not yet commented. It is clear that Kate the Queen and Princess Diana († 1997) in the "baby race" can no longer catch up: The Queen gave 14 months after their wedding the heir to the throne, with Diana, there were even only eleven months.

It's been 15 months since Kate's wedding to William . But time does not matter. Really important is only the unspeakably great love for the delicate, small wonder-being ...