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10 reasons why it's great when you're over 30

At 30, life is over? At least that's how it feels to many people. 30 is a magic limit and crossing it is really hard for many. There are so many great things that you only really understand when you move beyond the 30. As a small support, we have written down the ones that are great when you're 30 years old.

At 30, everything is over? Of course not, because then everything will be really great!
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1. You can finally shop what you want, because you no longer have a mom to pay you for the clothes.

2. You know exactly how much alcohol you can drink, but it's no less fun.

3. You finally found your own style. Fashion sins and bad sales are - at least for the most part - a thing of the past.

4. Heartbroken? It still hurts, but unlike at 18, you know for sure that it passes by again.

5. You finally found the perfect beauty products because you know exactly what your skin and hair needs.

6. You've learned how to take things the way they are : New shoes always make bubbles, your boss never gives you a vacation when you need him and gifts at Christmas will be exhausting for the rest of your life. Therefore, the serenity increases with age.

7. You are constantly working on a master plan, what you could do, if your gray hair has finally seized the power on your head. Good, because that can not surprise you anymore!

8. You finally have enough money to stop sleeping or camping in shabby hostels.

9. You learn that unless you finally hire a tax accountant, you will probably never make a tax return in your life .

10. Marriage, children? But you are single with Ü 30? The good thing about it: You can sip smoothies on the couch in a jogging suit on Saturday and watch your favorite series, while your friends hang out in playgrounds, children's cafés or in-laws. And you only appreciate that, because everyone around you has children and are extremely stressed.