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Diet CrazeThe Craziest Diets: From Burger Diet, Mayo and Co.

One should eat only protein, then only carbohydrates, then both, but strictly separated. Yes, what is it? We introduce the most peculiar diets and show what they bring.

  1. The Burger Diet - Goodbye, Guilt!
  2. The Atkins-Di t - without role models, nothing works!
  3. Chocolate Di t - the sweetest of all diets, right?
  4. The Hollywood Di t - for all snobs and those who want to be
  5. The Sex Di t - no more time to eat?
  6. The Kohlsuppen Di t - friends are actually totally overrated ...
  7. Lemon Juice Di t: Sour makes fun, right?
  8. The Mayo-Di t (also called Easter Bunny Di t)
  9. The Model Di t - light food for the brain

A new super-diet chases the other - now you should lose weight with burger, chocolate and sex? Does FDH end up with fries, kebabs and hamburgers?

Sounds wonderful in theory. With meat, eggs, fat and even with chocolate you can supposedly slim down. How much is really behind it? We looked at the funniest, bizarre and sweetest diets.

The Burger Diet - Goodbye, Guilt!

Eat what you want and still lose weight? Is the guilty conscience bad? That makes itself wide, if one bites off of a hamburger.

The founder of this diet, Maik Metze, reportedly lost 35 kilograms by consuming 1300 calories per day exclusively through fast food.

Problem: Does not a giant hamburger alone have 850 calories? Since then the rest of the day probably fasting is announced - as the author outwits nocturnal fridge attacks, he does not reveal. In any case, balanced nutrition looks different.

The Atkins diet - without role models, nothing works!

The Atkins diet follows the low carb principle: low carbohydrates, instead of fat and proteins as energy source. The low carbohydrate diet ensures that the blood sugar level is always low.

Problem : The carbohydrate intake of this diet is below the minimum the body needs to supply the brain and muscles with sugar.

The high amount of fat causes vascular and tissue damage, which can end in a life-threatening manner. Inventor Robert Atkins shows how sensible his way of losing weight is: He died in 2003 at the age of 72 years of a heart attack, allegedly caused by obesity.

Also, how can a diet demand credibility that recommends taking vitamins with supplements?

Chocolate diet - the most beautiful of all diets, right?

Finally a diet that is fun - that's what the title suggests. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that it is not that easy. Chocolate diet does not mean snacking without limit. But now and then a little chocolate is allowed!

The principle: completely without pressure and prohibitions with this method also small (!) Sins are allowed. On the dining table are regular meals made from low-fat foods that fill you up for a long time, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The regular energy intake prevents food cravings. Because you should really feast only with pleasure, not because of stress, frustration or grief.

The Hollywood Diet - for all snobs and those who want to become one

Invented by film divas in the 1920s, this diet aims to eat only luxury foods like lobster, shrimp and exotic fruits. You can eat a maximum of 1, 000 calories per day.

Who wants to make such impression, certainly has no problem with half a day to nibble on a crab tail. Perfect for people with attention deficit!

The Sex Diet - No More Time to Eat?

Sexy Workout: According to a study by the University of Southern California, regular sex boosts the immune system and reduces weight.

However, if you take a little break from lovemaking and take your time to calculate the energy intake and breakdown, you realize: This diet is only suitable for people with a lot of time: Because to exercise around 2, 000 calories a day, you would have to work for more than five hours Day busy with sex.

PS: The same study found out: Playing the guitar consumes even more calories than sex!

The cabbage soup diet - friends are actually totally overrated ...

Here only cabbage soup from onions, cabbage and white cabbage is eaten. The inventors of the successful cabbage soup diet promise that the diet with the "magic soup" burns more calories than are supplied to the body. The reason: The ingredients of the soup - white cabbage, carrots and celery - are all practically calorie-free and difficult to digest. The processing of each content consumes energy.

Conclusion: The pounds tumble - but you should not build on hospitality or company at this time.

Lemon juice diet: Sauer makes fun, right?

Well, whether one is still funny after nine days, which one spent only with lemon juice and Abf├╝hrene-drinking, is undecided ...

Fact: This crash diet is suitable for a day to detoxify. In the long run, however, about 200 calories per day are very dangerous because the body is already eating its very best reserves after one day. In addition, the body lacks important minerals and vitamins through this one-sided diet.

Sauer should supposedly make fun - let's just take this diet idea with humor!

The Mayo Diet (also called Easter Bunny Diet)

First of all, this diet is not named after mayonnaise, but because it was developed in the Mayo Clinic in America. But she still has to deal with eggs, because there are a total of 25 pieces per week on the menu. Lean meat, salad and vegetables are also allowed. Forbidden are visible fats such as coating and cooking fat.

Seven kilograms should be lost in just two weeks. Due to the lack of carbohydrates, the body must use protein for energy. That consumes calories. The many proteins prevent the body from losing too much muscle.

Did anyone think about cholesterol in this project? No matter, at least here come the whole Easter eggs for their deserved use!

The Model diet - light food for the brain

Models and those who want to become one, have it easy here: the shopping list is so short that you can remember it smoothly:

In the morning you can eat a soft-boiled egg white, for lunch and dinner in each case 175 grams of curd quark or yogurt and 1 cup of unsweetened tea.

The problem with this (wrong) nutrition is that the body loses no fat but above all water due to the many proteins. In plain language: As soon as you eat normally again, you have (at least almost) all pounds back on your hips. Thus, this crash diet is only suitable for an evening in a tight dress.