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Poll: Who are the worst vacationers?

Ranked # 1 of the worst vacationers? Russia.
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  1. Too loud, too drunk and too rude
  2. A Kantersieg
  3. Shame on one's own compatriots
  4. We are the ugliest - almost

Too loud, too drunk and too rude

From which country are the worst tourists? A survey of the portal reveals. Only so much: The Germans are not - almost not.

What annoys you most on vacation? Loud bawling and excessive drunkenness? Then they are among the 80% of Germans who complained these quirks just in a survey of holiday trips. Only solution: vacation on a lonely island. Lots of peace, lots of space, but also a lot of loneliness.

A Kantersieg

The summer holidays are coming up and the suitcases are packed. Spain, Turkey or Italy - the main thing is warm. All inclusive is becoming increasingly popular, and at the same time the number of negative guests is increasing. First place: not surprising. They are too loud, too drunk and too wasteful. Nearly two-thirds of respondents chose Russian tourists as the most annoying tourists. The British take second place with 42.6%. Again, loud rumbling and drunkenness disturb the most. In third place: Poland, with 28%.

Shame on one's own compatriots

Although so much is scolded about us Germans, we slip past in just one place on the podium. Only 18% of respondents are embarrassed when they come across their own compatriots. The reasons: overloaded plates, rude behavior and reserved sunbeds. The latter ensures the gold medal at least in one point: with 69% we win the fight for the sunbed in front of the British and the Netherlands.

We are the ugliest - almost

The hair is laid to beach waves and the complexion slightly browned. This beauty ideal applies to some, but not to us Germans. We have more than lost the fight for the beauty crown. Behind the British, we have been voted the second ugliest tourists. Third place is occupied by the Russians.

Who we most want to have around us? The Swiss. Followed by the Austrians and the Japanese. In the future, we will only spend quiet and attractive holidays in Switzerland, without discos or pubs, but with plenty of beach chairs. Or just on a lonely island.

You can find the results here.

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