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Intermarché against waste: Supermarket of ugly food

Photo: Screenshot / Youtube / Marcel

"Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables"

It opens the first supermarket of ugly food. The French chain Intermarché is fighting against the waste of fruits and vegetables.

The EU declared 2014 as the year against food waste. The French supermarket chain Intermarché reacts and opens a supermarket, which is above all one thing: own.

Millions of tons of fruits and vegetables are thrown away each year, while millions of people worldwide are hungry at the same time. What sounds absurd is currently the reality. If a food does not meet the EU standard, it will be taken out of service. Although deformed courgettes, apples and oranges are actually as edible and tasty as other fruits and vegetables. If a banana is not crooked enough - or too crooked - it lands in the trash, while the next banana of the same plantation is sold in the supermarket because it has grown more beautiful.

How superficial has humanity become when food is even sorted out for beauty? In France, a supermarket chain has now declared war on the absurdity of waste: Intermarché opens the first market of ugly food. In addition to fruit and vegetables is offered. However, not a "normal": The goods are bought by traders who would actually throw away the food. Only the shape alone does not fit the norm. It fits perfectly in the Intermarché. Crates full of crooked carrots, defaced apples and shapeless oranges line up.

To prove to the customers that the unusual appearance has nothing to do with the taste, fresh juices and soups are offered from the products. The same thing happens with foods that are already spoiled on the outside, but are completely in good taste. The concept works: After the pureed version has been tried, customers also turn to ugly foods .

The supermarket is not only against the waste . The second goal of Intermarché is to enable people on a low budget to follow the "5 a day" recommendation. The food is offered up to 30% cheaper, so anyone can afford to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Interesting approach: Intermarché leads by example in the fight against food waste and superficiality! Maybe the concept spills over the borders, so that in Germany soon disfigured fruit and vegetables can be bought - individual instead of boring!