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Blue eyes with laser intervention

The dream of blue eyes can now come true

Laser intervention conjures blue eyes

Everyone has bright blue eyes. In 90% of the people, however, they are under a layer of pigment. A laser brings them out.

For each person, they are natural: blue eyes . But these are hidden under a layer of pigment in many people. A US doctor has now developed a procedure that can free the eyes of people who have always wanted blue eyes from the pigments that cause a gray, green or brown eye.

Each person is born blue-eyed, after the birth first the pigments accumulate, which will color the eye later. In the method of the physician Gregg Homer, this pigment layer is destroyed by a laser procedure to color the underlying eyes blue again. After the procedure, it takes two to three weeks for the eye to reject the excess tissue and then turn blue. The process is not reversible.

The operation is considered low-risk, but not dangerous, because it is, despite everything, an operational mission. The cornea may be damaged, which may result in visual impairment and photosensitivity. With 4676 €, the procedure is also not very cheap.

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