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This nurse learns what happened to the babies to whom she saved her life

Photo: Screenshot Kleenex Brand / YouTube

She works at a preemie ward and does not know what kind of influence she has

She works as a nurse at a preemie ward - and has no idea how much she means to her patients. Until she meets them again.

There is probably one such person in each of us's lives. A person who has completely changed our life, turned it in another direction. A teacher? An uncle? A distant relative? Maybe this human is still a part of our life. Maybe we have already lived apart. But the influence of man is still there.

Kleenex's advertising campaign aims to make people aware of how important they are or were to them. Because often they are completely unaware.

So is the nurse Renee. They work on the Preemie Station at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia. She just does her job - she thinks.

She makes him with dedication. She says of herself, she treats the children as she would wish for treating her child. And she swallows when she says that there are many children who can not make it.

She is a person who has no idea how much she means to others. Therefore, she is shown a video on which parents of premature babies tell how much Renee has helped them.

That it was Renee who reacted immediately and immediately took a picture for the parents, who were not allowed to be with her child, when it opened his eyes for the first time. That Renee laid her tender premature baby in the arms of the relieved parents for the first time.

Renee falls from the clouds, is overjoyed. She knew her job was important, but not that it meant so much to the individual.

But then the best thing is: a few of the children whose lives she helped to save are now bigger and Renee is allowed to see what she has done.

Handkerchiefs out - whether from Kleenex, Tempo, Solo Talent, Softi or whatever! The video is just beautiful.

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