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Picturesque garden paradise with magic bells


Spring colors and flowers in abundance

The magic bells are the ideal garden dwellers, if in the design of the green oasis value is placed on cheerful permanence.

The numerous, colorful flowers of the compact plant radiate reliably from April to autumn and can be staged in many ways.

Already at the beginning of spring, the magic bells outside for the first summer feelings. Its numerous trumpet-shaped flowers are reminiscent of hanging purples and radiate in white, pink, yellow, orange, red or deep purple. Combined in several colors in a pot, the garden plant quickly gives the impression of a happy confetti rain and makes you look forward to the first summer days in the green outdoor paradise.

With its compact, close-to-ground growth, the Magic Bell is ideal for a traditional planting of beds or window boxes . Here, the shoots of the growth-happy plant spread as quickly as the joy at the sight of her hearty flowers and the rich plant greens.

If you want to add more color to your garden, you can use original bicycle baskets to create original brackets, which make the flower wonderland even embellish bare garden fences and walls. Still not creative enough? Even on self-built plant swings, the all-rounder ensures terrace, balcony and garden for exhilarating spring mood.

For the ease of a garden, which captivates through the flowers and creative design, it fits only too well that the garden plant is also uncomplicated in terms of care: withered flowers repels the belonging to the family Solanaceae magic bells just and new sprout soon.

Care tips for the magic bells

The Magic Bells likes to stand in a sunny and moderately warm location. If the plant, which belongs to the family Solanaceae, is protected from prolonged heat and gets water regularly, it will delight you with its bright flowers until autumn. In order to get the most out of the plant, it can also be supplemented every two weeks with conventional plant fertilizers.

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