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Andrea Berg: Your new desire for magical dresses

Pure love of life at the premiere of "1001 Nights". The tour will start next January. "I feel like a butterfly, light and free" - admits Andrea Berg ...
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Surprise at the open air

It was the night of the premieres: When Schlager Queen Andrea Berg (44) first presented the new show "1001 Nights" of her tour, which begins on January 14, 2011, there were several surprises. First came our superstar Andrea Berg, who made sexy black skirts and leather jackets socially acceptable, in a romantic corsage dress with embroidered, glittering butterflies on the stage (photo). Reason for this change: "I want lightness, magic, fairy tales", enthused Andrea Berg. Maybe she also wanted to show that she has finally arrived in her life, where she has experienced ups and downs. Arrived at her great love husband Uli Ferber - and arrived in his (and now their) home, the small village of Aspach, in the open-air concert over 14, 000 fans pilgrimage! A record that Andrea Berg tears of emotion in his eyes drove. "I want to give you something back, " she called into the cheering crowd. "A song that has repeatedly encouraged me in difficult times. It should now be your mumbling song! " Also the premiere: " I love life " is a new version of the classic by Vicky Leandros . Hitverdächtig!