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Christine Neubauer: Finally she has her son again

Christine Neubauer is finally happy again.
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The bad family quarrel is over now

It was the worst months of her life. Christine Neubauer (50) suffered. But now, fortunately, the nightmare is over ...

The drama started after the separation of husband Lambert (55) last year. A bitter family war broke out. What followed were nasty allegations, blame, and the worst: your son Lambert jr. (20) broke with her.

After Christine Neubauer filed for divorce, he did not speak to her. He publicly described her as a mother of a raven, which had "seriously disappointed" him. That hurt! Christine Neubauer fought desperately for the love of her son, even begged almost to be allowed to see him again. But there was no contact anymore. Until now!

Because as Christine Neubauer tells us exclusively, she finally has her son back: "We approach again, from me there have never been negative feelings." After months of silence the two talk to each other again.

Even husband-to-be Lambert Dinzinger confirms that the family dispute is settled: "I am very pleased that there is a positive development between my wife and my son, especially now that both celebrate their birthdays."

It is the first approach between the injured Christine Neubauer and her disappointed son . And even if it takes time for all the wounds to heal, at least the first step is to start afresh.