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Which bra really fits my breasts?

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  1. With which tricks you can find the perfect model for your next purchase
  2. The 5 most common bra mistakes
  3. The bra purchase

With which tricks you can find the perfect model for your next purchase

Nearly 80 percent of all women wear the wrong bra size. Did not you know? Then it is high time to ask yourself, if YOU belong to them too, because a wrong size can have unpleasant consequences in the long run.

If you often have neck tension, back pain or a headache, it may well be due to your badly fitting bra. In the worst case, it can even come to deformations on the shoulders.

For a quick ending, we tell you how you realize that your bra does not fit with your breasts and give you some supportive aids that will help you to find the perfect model for your next BH purchase. After all, the feel-good factor is at least as important as the sexiness, right? What you also need for this can be found on

The 5 most common bra mistakes

Quadruple breasts

The bosom swells over the upper edge, so it looks from the side as if you had four instead of two breasts. Of course, the bra is too small and you should shop a cup size bigger.


The support effect of the bra is zero and the bosom hangs in the basket. Either the underbust band is too wide or the straps are not set correctly. Check once and if nothing helps buy a new bra.


The bra pushes the bosom so far that an ugly overhang is created and the breasts are very squeezed. Be sure to choose the basket and / or the lower breasts generously at the next purchase.

page Breast

On the side next to the wearer below the armpit, unloved little fleeces form because the wire of the bra brace is not on the chest, but rather on the breasts. With a cup size larger, the problem should be resolved.

High out

Instead of finishing well at the level of the underbreast tape on the back, your back crawls to unwanted heights? Guilt is probably a wrong (too big) under bust size - one size smaller test!

The bra purchase

Be sure to calculate the size in advance

Before buying a bra, it is advisable to know your own size. The correct size is calculated from the lower breast and bust circumference. Just put on the measuring tape under the breast and exhale. This value - usually located between 65 to 100 - is the underbust circumference. Here is measured in five-centimeter increments. That means you have size 75 up to 77 cm, up to 82 size 80 and so on.

To determine the chest circumference, it is best to put on an unlined bra and loosely put the measuring tape around the widest part. Always make sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the ground. Crucial for the cup size is the difference between the underbust and the chest circumference at the end. In contrast to the under bust circumference, the measurement takes place in two-centimeter increments. Up to 14 cm difference you have cup size A, up to 16 cm cup size B and so on.

Extra tip: The chest has to fill the basket. With a simple test you can quickly find out if the bra has the right fit: slightly bend forward and shake the chest into the cup. Also: Regularly measure, because the bra size changes over the course of life. If you do not feel like creating your own custom, it's best to go to a laundry shop and let the professionals do their job.

What is there to consider when buying?


The straps should not pinch and completely enclose the breast, but never rest on the bust. The outer end should also not reach too high into the armpit.


The strength of the straps depends heavily on the size of the breasts. A small breasts can do with narrow straps, while women with large breasts should necessarily reach for sufficiently broad straps. They provide a secure hold, carry more weight and also distribute it better. Too thin straps can be inconveniently cut in women with a large bust and in the worst case even lead to tension in the neck area and headaches.


In the best case, the bra sits firmly on the back of the body without constricting it. The closure should not sit too high up between the shoulder blades, because otherwise it can not give the desired hold. The closure of a well-fitting bra sits under the shoulder blades. The middle piece between the cups should rest against the body. However, the higher the basket and the larger the center piece, the less close it is.

We are sure that if you follow these tips, you are guaranteed to find the perfect bra that suits you and your breasts. Have fun shopping your dream model!

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