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Heidi Klum: Mysterious retro shot with brown hair

Heidi Klum brown hair

I beg your pardon?! This sight aroused astonishment.

Heidi Klum unrecognizable on retro photo
Photo: Getty Images, @heidiklum on Instagram
Heidi Klum posted this photo on her Instagram profile on May 9, 2014, claiming she was on it herself - two decades ago, when her modeling career began and when she still had brown hair.

"Photo blast from the past: One of my first test shoots 20 years ago, " she wrote to the model recording from that time, where she really is not visible at all.

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The lips clearly full, the hair dark, the cheekbones also look atypical. Has Heidi Klum really changed so much?

The German supermodel is well known for being made up to be unrecognizable, especially for her unusual Halloween parties. For this amazing photo, only a glimpse into the past was needed.

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