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Tinker Windlicht: We are looking forward to the spring!

This pretty lantern curtails our waiting for the spring
Photo: deco & style

Brilliant spring messenger

Wind lights we can not have enough! Whether bought or homemade, for winter or summer, the cozy light sources belong in every home.

That's what you need for the lanterns:

  • Punches (craft shop)
  • Paper with floral pattern (eg from Rico Design, item no .: 7007.177)
  • Glass lanterns
  • candle
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:

1. Punch the contours of the flowers on the paper with a punch.

2. Cut paper for the glass and stick it on with double-sided adhesive tape.

3. Place the candle in the glass, making sure that the candle is not too close to the edge of the glass.

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