Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Book cover made of fabric

  • Cotton fabric, patterned and in pink
  • Tailor's chalk (haberdashery)
  • Sticktwist (eg

      from Anchor; Haberdashery)
    • Volume fleece (haberdashery, about 5 Euro / m)
    • All-purpose glue (eg from TESA)
    • sewing thread
    • sewing machine
    • embroidery needle
    • scissors

    1. For the sign, place the fabric twice and paint contours.

    2. Sew fabric layers along the contour.

    3. Cut out the sign along the seam.

    4. Cut an opening in a fabric layer and turn fabric to the right.

    5. Embroider name or "mine" with Sticktwist (on side without incision) using a lockstitch.

    6. Sew the label with the opening facing down on the envelope.

    7. Cut fabric around 3 cm larger than the book (front and back plus back). Inferior with fleece.

    8. Make a book with the fabric cover, cut the corners and cut off any overlapping pieces. Stick folded edges with adhesive.