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Does Facebook launch an app without a full name?

Facebook currently seems to be working on crucial changes in its principles. After the loosening of the plain name obligation follows now allegedly an app with pseudonym function.

The new app is intended to connect users anonymously.
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With its strict rules, the largest social network in the world always tried to connect only real people and thus to keep the number of fake accounts low. Officially, the Facebook user should protect against the audacity of anonymous users, but also maintain the attractiveness of advertising partners.

This could soon change, because as the New York Times reported, Facebook is in the development phase of a new app that allows users to interact with each other under different pseudonyms . This should make it possible to discuss sensitive topics without being directly recognizable to others.

An exception to the clear name obligation was already made in the last week: Numerous drag queens had demonstrated because they were not allowed to use their stage names on Facebook. Facebook manager Chris Cox then rowed back in a public statement assuring that from now on everyone would be able to use the name he's known for - and that does not have to be on the ID card.

How much of the rumor about the new anonymous Facebook app is tuned, will be revealed. Currently you do not want to comment on Facebook.