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Garden Ideas: From outside to the garden

Photo: Deerberg


The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the green meadow smells of flowers and the balmy air touches our faces. THEN THEN the right time for an extensive picnic in the garden came.

Quickly pack a few things and go outside - that's how it's usually done. But this picnic should be a very special ...

And for a luxurious-style picnic, there are now a few tips and tricks to make a luxurious outdoor dinner out of a Normalo outdoor brunch.

These are our beautiful garden ideas .

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Trend: Color Blocking

A strong color mix spreads a good mood. To these happy friends we like to join us for outdoor brunch in the garden .

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Perfect picnic

What is it allowed today? A fresh orange juice, a cup of coffee and maybe a muffin? No problem at all.

The fine treats are even served on romantic dishes during this outdoor meal. Delicate pastel shades, which are perfectly matched to each other, annoy the eyes of hungry picnickers.

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Enchanting vase arrangements

More eye-willows are no longer in the same spot! Because the beauty is so dazzled blind that he no longer knows where to look first, right?

Collect vases in different colors and shapes and arrange flowers in them to create an ensemble that is by no means just one line. Here it may be a bit wild. Floral eyecatchers are in demand in the summer than ever. On the garden table makes the colorful gang really well.

The next garden party can come!

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Wreath for making your own

May we introduce: An all-rounder who likes to present himself at every outdoor-place.

Material: pegged wire (craft shop), floral crepe (eg Guttacoll, from the florist), 6 small dahlias in pink, 2 stems hydrangeas, 12 barnacles, 8 Setaria, 6 oats, 5 wheat, flowerpot

Instructions: 1. Take three wires together. Wrap these up to half tightly with flower crepe. The other three wires also summarize and put on the other. Wrap with flower crepe until the end, creating a long, stable rod.2. The wire bundle around a round object such. For example, bend a flowerpot to form a uniform circle.3. Overlapping wire ends with the flower crepe to form a ring.4. Wrap small sections of flowers and cereal flaky with myrtle wire on the wire ring. Continue until the wreath is tightly wrapped.

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