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The small B -ro-Knigge: How to master the tripping hazards in B roalltag

Who obeys the office knigge, clears the way for good cooperation
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To click through and Kaputtlachen ...

Between breakfast break and after work we live together with our colleagues. To keep things running smoothly, we need a few rules. And you can find this office knigge ...

One thing is clear: we spend more time with colleagues than with our partner . We sit together in a narrower space than with our family, know the strengths and weaknesses of others. That's nice, because it holds and welds together, but it also demands a lot from us - especially in open- plan offices. What we need: the office knigge .

We have to be tolerant, to arrange ourselves with the little ticks of our colleagues . Just as they have no choice but to take us as we are. Useful here is the office knigge . Because even if you are a bit annoyed, you do not have to rattle out your criticism. It's much better if you help to ensure that there are no quarrels in the office - no matter how much time you spend with the others.

HERE it goes to the gallery with the rules of manners in the office ...

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