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Inspirational quotes from plus-size models

Show your curves!

Cool clothes for chubby women - is it still so difficult? Yes, unfortunately! Sure, that depresses the mood. Curvy women often do not feel very well in their bodies. To dress fashionably, they have to be much bolder than other women, sometimes spending hours looking for something that looks and fits well.

Even these inspiring women, like the models Hayley Hasselhoff, Robyn Lawley or Denise Bidot, are struggling with it on a daily basis - but they have learned to handle it. Plus-size modeling has helped them find their personal style. And happy with yourself.

We show the most inspiring quotes of the plus-size models .

1. "In the past I could not accept my curves, but when I started modeling I accepted my luscious curves and started to love myself - not only externally, but also internally." Quote from Hayley Hasselhoff

2. "'Fat' is a trigger word, but if you say it often enough, it just describes one of your qualities, it helped me to take the pain out of the word, at first I called myself curvy, every body has curves It got annoying when someone called me 'fat', meanwhile I've adopted that word: 'I'm fat - and I'm awesome as I am.' Quote from Tess Munster

3. There is a prejudice that models are starving to stay thin. People ask me if I'm overeating myself or feeding myself particularly richly to hold my 'big size' - I find the question as funny as it is shocking! I love to cook and eat, but only when I'm hungry and tired until I'm full. " Quote from Robyn Lawley

4. "The best part of my hard-working career as a model is that I've helped many women who have long struggled with a negative body image of themselves." Quote from Fluvia Laceda

5. "The only person who can stop you from your goals is yourself." If you believe in yourself, everyone else will do the same, be proud of who you are, and change for no one. " Quote from Denise Bidot

6, "In the end it just comes down to one thing: we all want to feel good, no matter what size of clothing - Plus Size or not." Quote from Hayley Hasselhoff

7. "Self-esteem comes from within - and feels sexy and wonderful!" Quote from Emme

8. "My job is to change the world so that little girls are happy with themselves, I'm going to fight eating disorders, I raise my voice and say it does not go on like this, I can not fail - and I will neither!" Quote from Whitney Thompson

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