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Whatsapp Status Sayings - We have the funniest!

Lachanfall preprogrammed: These are the funniest WhatsApp status sayings.
Photo: Matt Dutile / Corbis

Please laugh!

Pure boredom rules in your WhatsApp contact list? We searched for the funniest Whatsapp status slogans - and found it.

"Hi there! I am using WhatsApp." The shabby standard saying has felt every second as a status in the WhatsApp contact list. The rest expresses his feelings through a group of colorful emoticons that usually make just as much sense. Gähhhn, exciting is really different. After all, there are lots of funny Whatsapp status slogans that make us laugh with laughter on the floor.

How about a break, for example with "Hi there! I am abusing WhatsApp"? Anyone who stops funny Whatsapp status quotes not only has the attention on his side, but also conjures one or two friends a laugh in the face. No wonder, then, that in some circles of friends, a real fight has begun for the funniest WhatsApp status message.

Do you want to make your friends laugh? We have the 21 funniest WhatsApp sayings that you're guaranteed to score.

1. This contact blocked you.

2. I hate these people, right in the middle of the sentence ...

3. Sure, you can contact me. Just do not stop with me.

4. My neighbors hear good music, whether they like it or not.

5. I'll go with you to the end of the world. And then I push you!

6. Leisure should not suffer from work.

7. Amazing how many people are surprised when a sentence does not turn out the way you potato it.

8. Dear Diary, Yesterday I laughed. That was nice.

9. Drive me somewhere, I'm needed everywhere.

10. I answer with a decided "maybe".

11. Can I offer you anything else? Coat? Taxi?

12. There are things I do not even talk about with myself.

13. Does anyone still have ass cards? I collect them!

14. Friends are God's excuse for relatives.

15. My shin helps me to find furniture in the dark.

16. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but milk does not do that either!

17. My plants are not dead. They only grow crispy.

18. Your advertisement could be here.

19. I do not sing the text wrong! This is my personal remix ...

20. Patience is the art of just getting angry.

21. I came, saw and forgot what I was up to.

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