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Farmer seeks wife: evil baiting against Heike!

Farmer looking for female candidate Heike polarized the audience
Photo: © RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Nasty revelations

Two years ago, Heike (40) was present at the dome show "Bauer sucht Frau" and disgraced himself to the bone.

But the farmer is looking for a woman candidate from Heidelberg has apparently good nerves: The RTL "self-proclaimed nurse" is trying to make up for their last defeat. Hobby sheep farmer Rainer (41) brought her to the barn party on his farm. Previously, not only talked about smooching and future offspring, but also for two a whole bottle of sparkling wine.

After that, a storm of hatred broke out over Bauer looking for Frau-Heike : "She made him docile with champagne, so it's no wonder he has decided on it", a fan outraged himself on the Facebook page of the show. "It is clear that the sparkling wine brings, you have to drink nice, " blasphemes another. And the harassment goes even further: "From which fairground ghost train has probably cut off, the alleged nurse ...?!" And: "That's at least 60, but never 40!" "Heike is disgusting - I can not say that otherwise."

Why is the Heidelbergerin doing this - for example for the expense allowance, which pays RTL the farmer's lover? Or is the blonde hoping to become a star? One thing she has ever achieved: Previously, no farmer had sought woman candidate for more furor and with her unfortunate slip-speed camera she continues this path consistently.