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Barbara Wussow: "Being perfect does not always succeed

"If you love yourself, you radiate it, " says Barbara Wussow
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Open confession of the mother of two

She dances sweeping onto the stage, her voice echoing through the hall. All eyes are on Barbara Wussow (51). With temperament and full commitment, she captivates the audience as a seductive "passion" in the Berlin "Jedermann" performance.

The beautiful Viennese always gives everything. Not just as an actress, as she told us. We talked to her about family, age and longing.

What is good for you?

Barbara Wussow: The soul and the acceptance of aging. Love your own body. That's what you emit.

Do not external circumstances count?

Barbara Wussow : Yes, but first you have to start with yourself. If I am unhappy and dissatisfied, then I emit that. I have to be able to give from myself. I think I can do it very well.

That's why you seem so relaxed. Is now the happiest time of your life?

Barbara Wussow: I can really say that. As a young woman, I was fine, too. Finally I got married at 29. Nevertheless, there was much that I had to go through with great effort. For example, I tried forever to have children. Thank God it worked then - if only at 38 and 44 years.

Due to the play in Berlin you are now separated from your children for a longer time. Is there a guilty conscience?

Barbara Wussow: No, but insane desire. I call every day with my family, in the morning at breakfast and in the afternoon. Because I'm the perfect "checker mom" (she laughs).

Such a kind of mother?

Barbara Wussow: I try to be perfect, but I do not always succeed! Because a 7-year-old girl who is older in her head and a 14-year-old boy who enters puberty are not always easy to handle. But I try to be there for everyone: I shop, cook, pick up the children, study with them, get up at 6, even if I did not get to bed until 2 o'clock in the morning.

Do you take your time now and then?

Barbara Wussow: I have to learn to take some time off, to read or go for a walk. I have not made it yet. I am a volcano that can break out.

For many TV stations, the youth mania. That's why many of your colleagues help out in terms of beauty.

Barbara Wussow: I do not intend to spatter or nip my canvas. I have a lived face, cried, suffered, loved, lived. If I erase everything, I erase the time of my life. And that would be a pity.