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So it blooms at home

Glass container 5 x 14 x 10 cm, approx. 13, H & M Home. Vase with lid Focus, ca. 68, Design House Stockholm Scber Scandinavian Design Center
Photo: Manufacturer


Vases, small greenhouses and more: With these tips and tricks it grows and thrives in your home.

To stage soloists:

Individually arranged, the showgirls from the garden or the market can unfold their full beauty. Ideal for this are decorative showcases or test tubes (also several strung together).

Do-it-yourself tip: Color a wooden box. Take two milk bottles and drill two holes in the side of the box that are exactly the size of the circumference of the bottle neck. Then put the milk churns in and wrap tightly a (canning) rubber around the screw opening to fix it.

To form groups:

Dare to do something new! Extravagant vases or unusual floral combinations make bouquets really work. An orchid can also be presented in a ceramic or glass model for a change. For lush bouquets, trapezoidal or bulbous vases with large openings are suitable. The trend is multi-functional vases (two in one) and metallic tones such as copper or brass.

Create mini-garden:

Everyone dreams of their own little garden. But what to do if you do not have one? With special greenhouses for the apartment you do not have to do without fresh herbs & Co. Especially exotic plants and sensitive seedlings feel well in the optimal climate. However, ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in the form of air holes or small hatches that can be opened for cooling and ventilation.