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Coat Parade

Stylish by the cold season

Even the biggest winter haters and chilblains will admit: The cold season has a fundamental advantage that outweighs all gingerbread and Santa Claus together: Finally, coats can be worn again!

The great thing about it: in a floor-length warming wrap every woman becomes a lady.


Once in the coat can help and already strides the winter beauty therefore, as if she is on the catwalk and as if the Gl├╝hweinstand a stage.

I. Trend: FellFairy trendsetters wrap themselves in fur again this year. Whether it is real lambskin or wrong bearskin, it almost does not matter. The main thing nice and cuddly.

Trend coat

II. Trend: White snow queens only know one true winter color: white. Even though it can easily become a camouflage color in a snowstorm, the wearer can rest assured: in the tumult of black coats, she stands out like a colorful dog.

Trend white

III. Trend: SteppPragmatiker know, as soon as the first snowflake is in sight, only one cover: Stepp. This is reminiscent of our first children's ski suits, does not let wind through and takes the mantle shape of the mantle.

Trend quilt

IV. Trend: RotRot is not a fashion color, but an attitude to life - all color trends can not change that. The red wearer knows that she stands out and that she finds absolutely appropriate. The gray-black winter they courageously set a little light color.

Trend red

V. Trend: Classics Again and again, cloak cuts that have always existed and simply can not be killed appear. They are anything but from the moth box. On the contrary: Especially here is played with details.

Trend classics

VI. Trend: KurzBodenlang may be better to warm, but true trendsetters know no pain and no cold legs. And that is why the super-short specimens come to the cities even in the icy winter.

Trend short