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Dismantle wardrobe: tips with system

With the right tips, the Chaos Cabinet will be ready for spring.
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  1. "Help, my cupboard is bursting!" - Finally more space & more order
  2. Sort out clothes
  3. Clean clothes
  4. Store clothes neatly
  5. Save space in the wardrobe
  6. Even more practical tips: Keep your clothes fresh
  7. Stow your clothes properly

"Help, my cupboard is bursting!" - Finally more space & more order

How to arrange the mess, clear the wardrobe and safely "outsource" thick clothes.

When we open our closets and collapse T-shirts and short shorts in the morning, it's crystal clear: For the (new) winter clothes, there will be no place left for this hustle and bustle. But you can change that, jerk, twitch: The change of seasons is the perfect opportunity, once again bring order in the clothes chaos . Our To-Do: Wardrobe muck ! How to manage this very easy in 4 steps, we tell you here.

Sort out clothes

First step to recovery: Completely empty the cabinet and wipe the empty compartments with warm water and detergent. The second step is a little harder because mending the closet does not make fun, no matter how we turn and turn it. But: Some clothes you have to separate now. Everything that you have not worn for over a year, which has holes or no longer fits, should go away. Pieces that are still intact can be donated to the donation or parts that are really stylish and no longer fit can be resold online - eg at the M├Ądchenflohmarkt .

Or how about a Wardrobe detox party with your girlfriends? They pull out the clothes that have to be sorted out, and the girls use Take & Toss cards to rate what they can and should keep. It feels like "Sex and the City" and everything you need is there here >>

Clean clothes

For all wool or cashmere parts that you keep, but do not want to wear at the moment : Go to the cleaners. Because the smell worn clothes attracts moths rather than freshly cleaned . Cotton and synthetics can also be washed at home in the machine. After washing, provide cedar wood or small lavender bags, which are placed between the knitwear, extra protection from the potholes.

Store clothes neatly

After cleaning, it's time to stow away properly. Please note: fold thick pullovers so that as few kinks as possible are created. A layer of tissue paper between them ensures that they get more air. Then put in boxes or bags in the attic or in the basement. It is important that it is not wet there. You'll never get that musty smell out again. And: When hanging storage necessarily use padded stirrup with satin cover. Wire hangers leave bumps. Shoes with shoe straps and put in cotton bag. This prevents scratches and dents.

Save space in the wardrobe

Jeans, cotton pullovers and synthetic clothing can be stored folded in small boxes, eg. B. under the bed or on the cabinet. Great space saver at the wardrobe ausmisten are vacuum bags. You will be deprived of air with the vacuum cleaner - and already shrinks the bulky package to a well-stowed package together. And we have room for the summer things in the cupboard again.

Even more practical tips: Keep your clothes fresh

Special fabric softener makes outsourced clothes smell good in the autumn. "Fresh protection" from Lenor, about 3 euros. Make sure that delicate woolen things smell good and are safe from moths: Lavender scented sachets by L'Occitane, approx. 7 Euro. Against moths: cedar wood from The Good Things, 10 balls about 3 euros.

Stow your clothes properly

Box for shoes and Co., 30 x 34 x 11 cm, from Ikea, about 6 Euro. Space-saving vacuum bags for stowage. From Relaxdays, 2 pieces about 5 euros.