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New beauty productFacial vinegar: This is how you have never cared for your skin

Does not that burn? This question is probably everyone, if one thinks of facial vinegar. No. This new beauty product will make your skin shine.

The face vinegar from Roger & Gallet is a brand new beauty product
Photo: Roger & Gallet
  1. Face vinegar as a traditional beauty agent
  2. Daily cleaning with facial vinegar
  3. Aura Mirabilis scientifically confirmed

From Roger & Gallet there is a brand new beauty product: facial vinegar. Sounds like you should not smear it on your face. But that's not true!

We already know acid from fruit acid peels. They cleanse the skin by removing layers of skin. The skin becomes smooth and soft. And also fruit vinegar ensures a supple skin. However, fruit acid peels are much more aggressive than facial vinegar.

Face vinegar as a traditional beauty agent

The legendary "Beauty Facial Toner with Fruit Vinegar" based on flowers, fruits or spices became fashionable at the end of the 18th century as a cleansing and complexion treatment and was even then produced exclusively by a few master distillers. Roger & Gallet has reissued this ancient beauty secret and re-launched facial vinegar as part of a daily cleansing ritual.

Dieser Gesichtessig von Roger & Gallet ist ganz neu
This face vinegar by Roger & Gallet is brand new
Photo: Roger & Gallet

The facial vinegar with its refreshing 2-phase formula and its delicate fragrance combines the natural properties of 18 distilled medicinal plants with the effect of apple cider vinegar, rich in antioxidant polyphenols.

Daily cleaning with facial vinegar

Roger & Gallet's daily cleansing program, based on the ancient healing water "Aura Mirabilis", includes a cleansing mask, serum and face cream. More than 300 years ago monks developed a highly effective natural remedy called "Aqua Mirabilis" . The secret recipe was based on rare, precious medicinal plants selected for their specific effects. The most extraordinary product of this 4-part facial cleanser series is definitely the facial vinegar.

And we have tried it: In fact, the beauty tonic with fruit vinegar does not burn a bit. It can be easily applied to a cotton pad and just as win Tonic can cleanse the face. 200 ml cost about 20 euros. The Reiningsmaske also costs 20 euros, the serum 55 euros and the face cream 42 euros. You can find Roger & Gallet in pharmacies, at Douglas and online.

Aura mirabilis scientifically confirmed

Scientifically tested are the active ingredients of Aura Mirabilis facial cleansing also: The team of the Ruhr University succeeded in the detection of fragrance receptors in the keratinocytes. For the first time, scientific researchers were able to identify these olfactory receptors, which until then had only been known in the nose, in the skin. Subsequently, they were able to prove that the 18 distilled medicinal plants on contact with in vitro cultured keratinocytes can actually activate the newly discovered receptors.

And finally, the study proves that this activation triggers cell multiplication mechanisms that play an indispensable key role in the healing and regeneration of skin cells.

Here again the whole "Aura Mirabilis" line:

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