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I'm happy? With these questions check your lucky barometer!

Am I happy? With these questions check your luck barometer!
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Already the French writer Voltaire said: "Since it is very conducive to health, I have decided to be happy".

With our questions you can now quickly see the status of your personal lucky barometer - and what you still lack to push this up.

Do I have a goal?

Someone who does not know where he is going will eventually land where he never wanted to go. For those who do not know what you want, a handwritten list can be useful. On one side come the points that you no longer want in your life. On the other side, goals that you may even consider unreachable or crazy. No matter - write it down! Very often it is already an aid to see the things written down in front of them to get more clarity. A goal makes life really worth living and often it is only secondary, if you can achieve it. Going on the road and staying tuned is what counts.

Do I know my limits and do I respect them?

Do you pay attention to your physical well-being? Do you know when you have worked, drunk, cried and grieved enough? When it is enough with idleness and let go? It's ok to let it rip occasionally, to work overtime or to exhaust yourself. But there is a personal limit to everything. Be careful not to exceed them! Because that is a healthy and sovereign expression of true self-love.

Are the people around me really good?

We often surround ourselves with people who do not do us good. But we suppress this fact. Maybe you are just afraid to be criticized or killed when you split up? Often this is reason enough for women to stay in unhealthy relationships and friendships. But these very people are the energy eaters in our lives. Especially if your environment does not appreciate your investment, it's time to save your resources, retreat and clearly call "Bye bye"!

Can I say "no"?

If not, then it's high time! A no to others is always a "yes" to ourselves and our needs. Maybe for a short while it will be unpleasant for the colleague not to take a job for the first time. But at the latest, if you do not push another unnecessary hour, you will be glad about this "yes" to yourself! At the latest, if you have spent your well-deserved free Sunday once without visit to the in-laws or the gossip addicted neighbor, you will be glad about exactly this "no".

Am I happy with what I already have?

Few people are happy with what you have. It is important to be grateful for what you already have. Why? To add even more positivity to your life! There will always be people who have more and less than them. But even a Bill Gates or a Madonna envy others for something. Let others motivate others. You can do that too - if not better!