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Instructions: knit scarf made easy

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Cuddly and warm

So you simply knit a cuddly scarf yourself. Here comes our free guide ...

The farewell to summer is hard for us every year. Even if the sun is still shining, the first foliage has already fallen. And when the autumn wind hits us for the first time, it's time to get the boxes of scarves, caps and gloves out of the back of the closet.

Who wants to be prepared for this weather - and has no desire to buy wooly in the shops (or the part from last year may not like) - should now start knitting with the scarf .

DIY is trump

We decided on a gray model this season. The color is great for transitional jackets in dark blue and olive. Add to that the playful pompoms at the ends, which visually loosen up the scarf and give it that certain something. Of course, any other, any nuance can be used - depending on which suits you best.

How to make the scarf itself and make the pompons, we tell you now.

Knit scarf - here's the free guide to download.

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