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Iris Berben: I wanted to become a nun!

Since the age of 18 Iris Berben is an actress.
Photo: dpa

Unexpected career aspirations

Many professional wishes would have been given to Iris Berben (62), but this one? Rather not…

As a young woman, the actress really wanted to become a nun ! She, who likes to coquette with her wild youth, school noise and drug experiments. Iris Berben pious and abstemious? That does not seem to fit together.

The idea of ​​devoting one's life to faith came to the TV star as a student at a Catholic boarding school. "I was about ten or eleven years old, " she recalls. Like every young girl, she made plans for her future, searching for her calling. "At some moments, I even thought that might be the answer: I would like to become a nun, " says the actress.

In her book "One Year - One Life", Iris Berben puts it this way: "I liked that nuns wear a wedding band because they are married to God." She liked the idea of ​​having only one love for a lifetime. To feel this deep feeling only for one - God!

But it would have to be different: At 18 Iris Berben left the church and opted for acting and a wild marriage with her present-day friend Heiko Kiesow (52). The reason for the clear line: "I got no answers to my questions."

Still, your search for your own personal beliefs is still not over ...