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Scary Video: Spider Dog puts everyone in fear and terror

Photo: Facebook / Chica the Dog Spider

Chica the Dog Spider

Oh how scary: on the streets of Poland, a huge spooky Spider-Dog has been mischievous!

It's night. A turtling lovers walk hand in hand through a deserted park. Suddenly they see a man. He hangs upside down in a spiderweb and begs for help. But he will not get it. Because only a few seconds after the couple discovers the injured man, we suddenly see a huge mutant animal jumping out of the bushes in the video. The creature is a cross between a dog and a gigantic spider. It's Spider-Dog!

Spider-Dog, also known as Chica the DogSpider, has been on the streets of Poland for a short time and is not afraid of unsuspecting passers-by. For what these do not know: Behind the dreaded monster actually hides the incredibly cute dog Chica. Definitely an animal with great acting talent.

That's what Sylwester Wardega, a Polish actor and director known for his fancy pranks, took advantage of. He transformed the harmless animal Chica into the gigantic mutant monster Spider-Dog. A pretty funny, but also scary idea that Wardega had there. We would definitely run away screaming if Chica would meet us in the dark. That's for sure. But whoever sees the animal in the light of day, can not be angry with him for a long time - with this cute look.

If you want to convince yourself of Spider-Dog's scary effect, you should watch the video below very quickly. For those who do not have enough, Chica now has its own Facebook fan page.

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