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When the parents need our help

Many children like to take care of themselves, but they have questions: How can I do that? And what support is there?

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To grow old with their own children - that many seniors wish. In fact, this is often the case in Germany: More than two-thirds of the people in need of care are provided at home. A part with outpatient services. Who as a daughter or son is faced with the decision to bring the parents to himself, has many questions. The good: There are many offers of help.

Where is the first consultation?

Every care case is different. But it's always about how best to organize care in our case. Tips are available at regional counseling centers for the elderly and relatives, or at newly established care homes in many places. In the community ask for the addresses. Information about funding is provided to relatives of the care fund.

Arrange work and care - is that even possible?

But you should know: If a parent is suddenly in need of care, you can leave in the job up to ten days unpaid leave for help, eg. As a nursing service to organize. This applies if the company has at least 15 employees. Option two: If you want to take care of yourself, you can take the time to take care of yourself - and let yourself be exempted for up to six months. Also unpaid, but you remain socially insured. Incidentally, there is dismissal protection during this time.

What help is there for anyone working full-time?

Not everyone can or wants to be there 24 hours a day for care and support. Get help without fear. They provide outpatient care services. For example, you can only have them at lunchtime or, if necessary, several times a day. For the care funds pay extra money, so-called "care benefits" (not to be confused with the "care allowance": This is intended for caregivers). It can relieve when organizing shopping or cleaning helps. And: A meal-on-wheels service can bring warm meals.

How much care money is there and where to apply for it?

First comes the medical service of the health insurance to parents, checks how far they are in need of care, and determines the level of care. Their spectrum ranges from level I - slightly needy - to level III - very difficult to care for. And so are the amounts: At level I: 215 euros, level II: 420 euros, level III: 675 euros per month. Basically, care allowance goes to the account of the person in need of care. It is thought to fund for help. He can therefore also support relatives. The money is paid by the long-term care insurance. Good to know: There are no deductions for the care allowance. You do not have to pay taxes, pay no social contributions. This applies to the person in need of care and - if he passes the money - also to his relatives.

Is there money for extra expenses?

Anyone who has to make large purchases for home care, eg. For example, for special bed, walker, wheelchair, the expenses can be counted as "nursing aids". For this you make an application to the nursing care insurance, it then takes over at least part of the costs. Important: Only after previous medical prescription!

Do nurses also get holidays?

Anyone who plows day and night also needs a longer recovery period. Good to know: If you want to go on vacation, the nursing care pays the replacement for this time. Even if you become ill as a caregiver and need help quickly. For this, make an application for "preventive care" at the nursing care insurance. The right to compensation exists for a maximum of four weeks per year.